The feature series starts along with the festival opening on June 18. For each festival weekend move to… will publish a new episode.

Objet 01 – Kein Haus wie jedes andere [No Ordinary Building]

A three-part radio series about the site of this year’s Werkleitz Festival move to …

The administrative regional offices of the East German Ministry of State Security – Buildings 1 and 2 – are the site of the Werkleitz Festival and provide the framework for the three-part radio feature by Ralf Wendt.

In relation to the three festival weekends, the radio piece examines the building’s history and its connection to the sociosphereecosphere and bodydatasphere.

The features are compositions produced from recorded conversations between the author and representatives of the Stasi Records Agency, the Roter Ochse Memorial Site, occupiers of the building in December 1989 and residents of Halle persecuted by the Stasi. Former citizens of East Germany who had connections to the Stasi or were subject to repression were also interviewed in cooperation with the Roter Ochse Memorial Site.


Ralf Wendt

Ralf Wendt works within the time-based and literary arts on the deconstruction of human and animal language and questions orders of things. Since the mid-90s, he has addressed a poetics of suprasegmentalia in performances, films and radio art and works as a curator of art, music or radio art festivals, where he brings together different artistic expressions interested in utopian/dystopian social disruptions.