Instructions for Proper Care

Instructions for Proper Care

Care as physical embodiment beyond codification

Beyond the economic or legal framework for elevating the act of care is an unquantifiable aspect, an aspect that cannot be codified – perhaps an aspect best defined only in opposition to legal or economic regimes, and thus requiring their framework in any event. How do we prepare for acceptance of care given, something equally as problematic considering the societal mythologies of autonomy, independence, etc. so deeply embedded in constructions of the self and the econo-legal framework? By a respectful reaction against econo-legal protection and in exploring the embodied act of care given and accepted in the context of everyday interactions/reaction toward, for example, limb impairment (and the important aspect of requirement/expectation of dexterity), we hope to present some alternate understandings of care as an embodied act per se. This work is a single channel projection.

Alan Cunningham

Alan Cunningham is a critical legal theorist and a writer of emancipatory texts. He is part of Forms of Ownership (FOO), a collective of artists, lawyers and economists.