Trans*Plant: May the chlorophyll be with/in you

Trans*Plant: May the chlorophyll be with/in you

This mixed-media installation aims to present the work behind the previous Trans*Plant project. It combines biomedical research, performance, and speculative fiction. Videos, written narratives, scientific excerpts, mycorrhiza interacting with the audience, and DIY/DIWO biotechnological materials are part of the elements that establish the connection between the theme and the transdisciplinary and experimental form of this lab installation.

Based on self-experimentation, Trans*Plant is a transdisciplinary project (2016) that utilises living systems. It is a process that involves a human to plant transition in various formats. The project juxtaposes disciplines such as arts, philosophy, biology, ecology, physics, botanics, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, and electronics. Trans*Plant aims to involve debates surrounding the Anthropocene not based on “human exceptionalness and methodological individualism” (Donna Haraway), but addressing the world and its inhabitants as the product of “cyborg processes”, of “becoming with” (Vinciane Desprets), and of “sympoiesis” (Haraway).

This work was realised within the framework of the European Media Art Platforms (EMAP) programme at Ars Electronica (AT) with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.

Quimera Rosa

Quimera Rosa is a nomadic lab created in Barcelona in 2008 that researches and experiments on body, technoscience and identities. Aware of transfeminist and post-identity discourses, they seek to experiment with hybrid and flexible identities that can blur the frontiers between the binomials (nature/human; hetero/queer; science/witchcraft) of modern Western thought. Most of their work is collaborative, always free of proprietary codes.