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Bottled Songs 3: My Crush was a Superstar by Chloé Galibert-Laine and Bottled Songs 4: The Spokesman by Kevin B. Lee are dialectic video essays that explore the propaganda mechanisms and strategies of ISIS terrorism.Not recommended for childrenandadolescents!Both filmscan onlybe watched on the weekend of the sociosphere from 7pm on 18 June to 12am on 20 June.

Hardly Working by the EMAP collective TOTAL REFUSAL uses a humorous approach to examine the endlessly exploited non-playable characters of the computer game Red Dead Redemption 2 by means of (pseudo) Marxist class theory. Robertas Narkus takes an ironic look at cryptocurrency hype and start-up culture in Prospect Revenge, while The Persuadables by the artist collective provides a dictionary of digital agitation. In the multi-part Care Project Administration, the artist collective Forms of Ownership takes on the subject of care and welfare. While Propaganda Office & Proper Care by OPA provides a graphic analysis of the influence of economics and politics on the ability of humans to care for others, Alan Cunningham focuses in Instructions for Proper Care on the alternative understanding of care as an embodied act per se, beyond codification. Finally, Artificial Intelligence by Doug Fishbone is a humorous essay about absence narrated through internet photos – from the Mona Lisa to the empty shelves of grocery stores in East Germany.